♫  F.A.Q.  ♫

    Theodor Rombouts - The Lute Player
  • Which server do you play on?
    The GLADDEN server (originally on VILYA).

  • Can anyone join?
    Yes, the group is open to anyone that wants to play music. This is not a "kinship only" group.

  • Do you have a uniform?     --<\\\\\>
    We all have our chosen outfits for when we get together, with the one common outfit item being a feathered, brimmed hat (color-dyed to best match your outfit). The exception is formal concerts, when we have matching outfits (example: first Yuletide concert).

  • Do you play "live" or scripted music?
    As a group, we use scripted music (ABC files) for easier synchronization.

  • Is there a set practice schedule?
    No, we gather together to play music when we choose to (typically evenings, N. America time zones). If a formal event is planned, we will try to meet ahead of time to be sure everyone is set (i.e. instruments ready, same music files, outfits).

  • How was the group started?
    sheet music
    When Raymiond (founder) would meet other players who enjoyed playing music in-game, it was difficult for the musicians "to be on the same page" (pun intended). Often a lot of time was wasted just getting ready to play and not actually playing music because each player had to be sure to have the same version ABC file(s) of {insert song title}. Inevitably someone had to go to one of the many LotRO ABC music sites, find the correct file and download it.

    To start playing music more quickly with these random music groups, Raymiond created a "music pack" of the ABC files he collected (quality songs without ABC file notation errors, songs that transcribed well into LotRO's music system, and so on), and made it freely available for download.

    Next, Raymiond began to look for a group of players who enjoyed playing music together consistently. To give players a purpose to re-group, the Bards of a Feather was formed officially in September, 2008, and debuted at the Baggins' birthdays.

  • Where did the name come from?
    The name, Bards of a Feather, is a pun on the old saying, "birds of a feather (flock together)" and that our group's uniform is a feathered, brimmed hat. The group's name is credited to Garethor. (Thank you, Garethor!)

  • Who are the Traveling Bards?
    When visiting other servers, we have setup a kinship named Traveling Bards to group under. And as always, anyone that would like to play music with us is welcome to without that character having to leave their current kinship.

    The Traveling Bards were once seen wandering on the following servers:

      - Landroval
      - Silverlode

    Gerrit Dou - Still Life With Globe Lute and Books

  • Can you play music for {upcoming event}?
    If given enough notice, we will perform at various occasions (i.e. Middle-earth event, house warming, celebration for a character leveling). Please contact Raymiond or one of the other Bards.

  • How is this music group different than others I have heard in-game?
    Perhaps the main difference is Bards of a Feather was never meant to be a kinship-only music group. It is open to anyone, without having to leave your existing kinship. Also, our shows for special events tend to be a bit more interactive than just sitting and listening to music.

  • Your music selection is {dumb, stupid, other word}.
    That's the wonderful thing about music - there are many styles to choose from depending on your mood. We are open to music suggestions to be added to our ever changing song list.