~  Welcome  ~

Theodor Rombouts - The Lute Player
Hail, friend, and well met! You have arrived at the home of the Bards of a Feather.

Come inside and rest from your long journey and many adventures. Feel free to sit near the fire and warm up, while enjoying the best ale and pipeweed the Shire has to offer, relaxing to the music of fellow musicians.

Bards of a Feather...                    
                    STRUM  TOGETHER !!!


Bards of a Feather was founded by members of "The Lord of the Rings Online" GLADDEN kinship, Guardsmen of the Free Peoples, to allow anyone (whether they can really play or not) to role-play a musician. To help us be "accomplished musicians", we use scripted music (aka ABC files) to perform synchronized music as a group.