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(1) To enter "music mode", type:

          /music [ENTER]

(2) To play an ABC music file, type:

          /play filename [ENTER]

Frans Hals - The Merry Lute Player           SYNCHRONIZED MUSIC AS A GROUP

(1) Decide which person will play which instrument and part.

(2) Each person must be in "music mode" (see above).

(3) Each person types the specific filename for their part.

Example of a four-part song (Clarinet, Horn, two Lutes):
   -- Clarinet player types:
/play filenameClar sync [ENTER]

   -- Horn player types:

/play filenameHorn sync [ENTER]

   -- Lute players decide which part, then type:

/play filenameLute1 sync [ENTER]
          - OR -
/play filenameLute2 sync [ENTER]

(4) Once all are ready to play, one person will type:

/playstart [ENTER]


  • You must be in the same fellowship or raid to synchronize music.

  • Do NOT forget to include the word "sync" when typing your part for group music to be synchronized.

Playing LIVE Music:
  • Per the LotRO website, it helps to keep music synchronized by having the Audio Option of QUANTITIZE enabled, and LOW LATENCY unchecked.