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  Bagpipes Bassoon Clarinet Cowbell (basic) Cowbell (moor) Drums Fiddle Flute Harp Horn Lute Pibgorn Theorbo (aka Bass)
   ♪   Asheith                    
   ♪   Eadignes                
   ♪   Elanois                    
   ♪   Eriadeth                    
   ♪   Garac              
   ♪   Garethor
   ♪   Mealfred
   ♪   Melawe  
   ♪   Melmarian
   ♪   Raymiond
   ♪   Rithtoc    
   ♪   Therelia    
   ♪   Treuthorian      
   ♪   Trucker

Updated: 2021.02.02

Dirck van Baburen - The Lute Player Gerrit van Honthorst - Lute Player

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Kinships represented

      A Long Expected Party

      Christian Gamers Alliance

      Guardsmen of the Free Peoples


      Keepers of Kingsfoil

      The Phantom Riders of Rushgore

      Ramble On of Elendimir

      Warriors of Midgard