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    Bagpipes Bassoon Clarinet Cowbell (basic) Cowbell (moor) Drums Fiddle Flute Harp Horn Lute Pibgorn Theorbo (aka Bass)
 ♪      Faninreth
 ♪      Gundurwarth
 ♪      Kaoss
 ♪      Mealfred
 ♪      Raymiond
 ♪      Turinthi
 ♪      Ursullina

Updated: 2024.05.14

Gerard van Honthorst - The Singers

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Kinships represented

      Adventure Time in Middle Earth

      Against the Void

      Alone in the Shadow

      Black Bunny Army of Game Worlds

      Christian Gamers Alliance

      The Cursers of Lag


      Gong-Wardens' Union

      Guardsmen of the Free Peoples


      Keepers of the Spoon

      Knights of Kingstead


      The Phantom Riders of Rushgore

      Rangers of the West

      Ramble On of Elendimir

      Shadow Riders of Ringlo Vale

      Society of St Pius V

      Tan Y Ddraig

      Wards of Lore

      Warriors of Camelot